I’m backkkkk!!! From my lovely vacation. It was absolutely beautiful, even more beautiful than I imagined!  Our hotel was lovely, a beach front three room suite with a fantastic view of white sands and sunsets and a pool overlooking the ocean with waterfalls and a hot tub and drinks and best of all we charged everything to the credit card of my slave who paid for the room & believe me when I say he spared no expense on drinks, room service, cabanas and more drinks delivered by cabana boys and even tickets to the sky wheel and much much more for not only his Princess but the 5 other hotties in my blonde-tourage. A Princess always gets what she wants and she always has little minions waiting in tow to pay her way. I love my lavish Princess lifestyle. THANK YOU SLAVE RYAN … I’m still benefiting from your generosity all these months later 😉


I love shoes! Every girl does, it’s a simple fact. But I might love shoes a little more than most, because I love alllll shoes. I love my Rhianna Fenty Slides, thank you General Ho. There’s just something about walking around in $100 flip flops, knowing that they are cheep as fuck flip flops with an expensive price tag just because of the endorsement, and General Ho paid for them out of his hard earned money and I scuff around in them like they are just any old cheep flip flop, well it just makes me feel happy for some reason, kinda like I’m dragging your wallet through shit LOL. It’s so funny how I wear tiny little basic shorts and a sports bra, these pricy $100 flip flops and $500 Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, thank you Dennis my fav sugar daddy ever for my sunglasses, with my hair in a messy bun and girls go more crazy over me than guys. I swear I should get paid to wear these flip flops because girls stare, teenage girls point and show their moms this is the shoe they want, it’s like they HAVE TO HAVE THEM BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE ME. And I don’t honestly blame them, look at me. I love my obnoxiously expensive furry loud stupid flip flops, LOVE! I also love my ever growing collection of Uggs (thanks Pauli Boi for buying me a new pair every Christmas I love them all, all SIX of them, whats that probably $800 worth of uggs???) And I’m pretty sure iDavid, you bout mw my $299 Furry Uggs, whats with me and fur shoes? And don’t even get me started of my zillions of pair of Nike gym shoes that get plenty of use in every single possible pattern and color. Now that I think of it, you aren’y really anyone until you’ve bought me shoes. But of all my shoes I will always have a special tender fondness for my heels. Ahhh my beautiful beautiful heels … I LOVE THEM!!!


a. how could I ever forget my beautiful Valentino’s purchased for me by Mr Ryan Class my good little slave. He bought me many things, my $800 LV Planner, my $1500 LV Neverfull Ebene Demier (shown here in this pic) but probably my favorite of all were these dusty rose spike Valentinos. I might not love you Mr Class but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff you bought me. MUAH. Tell your wife I said hi.

b. sometimes I just take pics of my shoes because they are truly art, like OMG these Barbie Beauties … Pink Sparkles really OMG I loved these heels.

c. I can’t possibly write this post without mentioning this $4000 spending spree cutesy of TexasBoy Trey. Yup $4000 in one night on a pair of spiked red bottom loubees and a matching pair for my boy toy. LOL. What a privilege to buy not only my shoes but the shoes of the man who is balls deep in my pussy the way you never will be. LOL

d. these pink cuties are from my Just fab Subscription which I’ve had since probably 2012 curtesy of my Little Dick Asian Loser Yuen. I thought these baby pink babies went especially well with my tan. Yup I get heels and booties and cute shoes sent to me monthly! And I love it. They come in the mail and I don’t even have to do anything. So if you think you’re the only one who contributes to my subscription services you weren’t. I love them, Netflix, FitFabFun, Blue Apron just to name a few all paid for by the lovely little pets who love to see me happy.

e. another pair of 6 inch (bigger than your dick) Loubees, they probably cost about $2000, also from TexasBoy Trey, he was a frequent contributor to my shoe collection, or should I say his mother was since he was just an unemployed college student. We used to rock the wheels off that credit card until she caught wind and canceled it, otherwise I would have melted that plastic to the max. I remember where I was when I took this pic, I was sitting in the waiting area to talk to my managerial accounting professor. Let’s just say I wasn’t very good at that class but I did well none the less. Thanks Trey for helping pay for my education 😉

f. this lovely berry red bottom suede loubee is my favorite pair at the moment and I am in love with the shade for fall. I have the matte lip kit in this color and I love the combo mixed with pink skinnies and flushed cheeks and I usually pair it with a barbie tee … OMG I look like a total Barbie in these, and I owe it all to SlaveSam who definitely knows my tastes because he picked these out himself and sent them to me as a gift from a recent business trip to Dubai. Nothing makes me more wet than a man with a credit card and good taste.

g. my beauty room, making this room perfectly organized was actually a lot of fun, I am a perfectionist and a neat freak so I loved going to Ikea and designing my own walk in closet, storage, beauty room. My shoes and bags are like are to me so this room makes me happy. I just think it’s so funny that storage solutions for my shoes cost about as much as a pair of shoes, so lesson learned, making room for your things costs as much as your things, that is if you want to be a well organizes lady like myself.

h. this last pair is a recent pair I got as a gift. a caller I think his name was HRed or something like that, I might be giving the wrong guy credit, did a live shopping trip via skype and we went to my wishlist and picked out this cute pair of gold glitter heels, super cute and not too tall that I can pair with skirts and jeans and they weren’t that expensive but they are really beautiful and so far I have just done a try on so I can’t wait to wear them.





Because you can call them by any other name you like, but boobs are awesome. Because boobs are simply great. Because are overwhelmingly excellent. Because everyone, of all ages, of all genders, and of all races loves boobs. Because boobs make the world a better, more wonderful place to live. Because everybody knows, boobs are the best.

Because big boobs, medium boobs, small size boobs, whatever you personal preference might be. Because boobs of all various sizes, colors, and shapes. Because of all the different boobs that exist in this big, beautiful, whole wide world of ours. Because boobs enrich our existence, add to our day, and add an undeniable extra layer of beauty to the world around us. Because why? Because boobs. That’s why.

Do you like boobs? Of course you do. If you have them, you always want more of them. If you don’t have them, then you spend a vast majority of your time trying to figure out how to get some in your life. We all want them. We all need them.

Boobs have power. The power to create and to destroy. The power to give and to take. The power to inspire and to take it away. They can be a source of joy and of grief. They are all things to all people. That is the nature of boobs, and the tremendous, awe inspiring power they have over people and their lives. Next time you are looking down at your own boobs or see a nice set of boobs coming toward you take a minute to stop and think about what was said here today so you can appreciate them as they so rightfully deserve.