In the spirit of being a bratty greedy ultra spoiled Princess, I just wanted to take this opportunity to BRAG

If this isn’t proof at how mind melting, addictive & absolutely amazing I am, than I don’t know what it!

G I V E   I T   A L L   T O   C O C O

look at the insane amount of packages I get. around the holidays UPS is literally @ my door EVERYDAY!


 remember to send giftcards to: cocorylee@yahoo.com

look @ all my hot new prezzies, a NEW GO PRO CAMERS, VIKKI SECRETS, BEATS HEADPHONES

SEX TOYS & SEPHORA GIFTCARD, YAY I couldn’t be happier right now!




Hey guys, I just wanted to say Happy 2017, and give you all a little update on my Winter Wonderland vacation to Maine! Yes I am back from vacation and Spring Semester starts tomorrow Jan 11th! So it’s back to normal schedule, & yes I will be on Niteflirt!!

I had so much fun on vacation and i just want to thank so many of you for all of your contributions to my vacation and to my lifestyle in general! Yes I deserve it all, but I am very grateful every single day for my lavish, fun Princess Lifestyle and the immense amount of joy it brings me DAILY. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, I know I did! I got to spend Christmas in Maine with my family, my mom and cousins and my brothers and I got to hang out with my my baby nieces and nephews who are complete dolls! I love my family so much. Also Dash & Lola did amazing on the flight and they were so well behaved the entire trip. I really had no idea how good of a doggie mommy I was until vacation, but they were amazingly behaved! And they got to wear their winter jackets and their warm jammies, thank you guys for all the stuff you sent me for my vacation, and all my prezzies I love them all!! I still haven’t had time to take detailed pics, but I got new boots and a Nespresso and a beautiful guitar! And so much more prezzies that I just can not list them all, but I love them all! And I am so thankful, thank you for making my holiday so memorable and fun! Maine was awesome we got 22inches of snow soon after I arrived (like the next day) so it was fun to be snowed in, I don’t get much snow in Atlanta. Then I got to go skiing and play in the snow and for New Years Eve I got to get some alone time at the lodge in my outdoor hot tub, love being in my bikini even in the middle of winter!


So now that Christmas is over, what are your 2017 goals? I’m dying to hear them … leave me comments and let me know what your 2017 goals are to worship Coco even better in 2017! As for me my #1 goal is to get thru this next semester in 1 piece. It’s my last semester, so 2017 is a huge deal for me BECAUSE ILL BE GRADUATING COLLEGE!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE. Also of course I have fitness goals, I always do. I want to work out more and push myself to be more fit than ever. I’m really good about fitness, as many of you know I love the gym and usually get there about 6 times a week. Yesterday was leg day ouch! I love it though.Maybe someday after I’m done school I can focus on awesome goals like being on American Ninja warrior! But for now, hitting the gym hard, keeping strong, working on those gains and GETTING TAN AS FUCK are my goals for 2017!! Obviously I am going to be hotter than ever in 2017 because I only get hotter, sexier, stronger and more powerful with age, so I am honestly excited to see just how far I can take you in 2017, just how much I can make you do for me, just how loyal and devoted you are going to be.