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APRIL REVIEW … worst month of my life

Hey My Losers, Sissies, Bitches, Minions & Lovies ….

April has been a cray month! As you may have noticed I’ve not been available for almost all of April sans a couple days. If you are in my VIP loop however I’m sure you’re already completely informed and even got some quality time with me, but even you have probably felt my absence. April started out with an amazing camping trip high in the treetops of Blairsville, Georgia IN A TREEHOUSE! And it was awesome! It wasn’t a full cabin but a beautiful treehouse that sat on the side of a mountain. It was a group of girlfriends, someone found the rental on groupon and thought it was an awesome idea, AND IT WAS! I’m so glad I got an invite and the cool thing was one of the girls there I had never met, Samone, actually lives on my same street! That’s right I had to travel hours to the middle of the woods to meet my neighbor! But it was really cool and I made a great new friend.

I was barely home a couple days when my cousin Joie (pronounced Joey, and yes she’s a girl) called to tell me she was traveling from Rhode Island to Philadelphia for an interview at her dream job and to check out some apartments, and I decided why not go and kill two birds with one stone by supporting my cousin and by getting out of town for a little vacation before finals. Another cousin Mandy came along too, they drove in from RI, I flew into Providence and drove with them to Philly. We had lots of fun and in addition were super productive. We saw some amazing apartments and SHE DID GREAT ON THE INTERVIEW & GOT OFFERED THE JOB!! We had loads of fun too, drinking by the pool and going out on the town exploring some cool spots in Philly. I wanna give a big thank you to MrRUDE for my ticket!!

When I got home I got to work finishing up final projects for school and studying for finals week that was right around the corner. I wasn’t home for more than a few days and had barely gotten rested and back into a decent routine when I got some devastating news from my family … my Grandma had suffered a massive stroke! For a couple days all I could do was pray while they ran tests and kept her in a medically induced coma to determine the damage she had sustained, and the news wasn’t good … she had lost function of most of her organs and bodily function. This is my moms mom and it was not easy seeing her go through the decision with her 5 other siblings weather to keep grandma on life support or to keep her comfortable and let her go. They finally decided the best thing to do was to keep her comfortable and let her go peacefully. She got transferred to a really nice hospice from the hospital and my mom was with her every minute. I scrambled to email my professors to make arrangements for makeup exams and bought the first flight out. I again flew into Providence to meet Joie and together we drove 4 hours to Maine where my mother and grandmother and a lot of my family lives. It was a long day of traveling. On the way I stopped by my brothers in Southern Maine to say hi to him and his wife and their three littles. It was a joy to see them, they had not seen Grandma and didn’t want to see her until she was gone. We went directly from there to the hospice house where my mom and Joie’s mom (sisters) and other aunts were sitting with Grandma. One aunt traveled from Tampa and the other from Las Vegas. The crazy thing was the hard part wasn’t seeing my Grandmother. Yes it was sad and devastating to see her like that, but the hard part was watching my mother say goodbye to her mom and not being able to do anything to help her. I love my mom to pieces, I do anything and everything I can to take care of her and spoil her, and all I could think was someday I am going to have to go through this same thing and say goodbye to my mother. It killed me to think about it. 20 minutes after I arrived to say goodbye to my Grandma she passed away. I like to think she was waiting for me before she left to go with God.

It was a really rough week, even though Grandma was 84 no one had really prepared for it, so there was a lot to do, and while I wasn’t directly responsible I really had to be a support for my mom so she could make it through the week. I got her coffee everyday and spent as much time with her as I could. Joie and my cousin Katelyn and myself all banded together to help. Joie downloaded music to make s beautiful soundtrack for Grandma’s funeral. I gathered all the photos I could from grandma’s life and made a huge bulletin board of 8×10’s and 5×7’s that said Forget-Me-Not in the middle with flowers all around it (Grandma was an avid gardener). The photos showed her as a young woman in a beautiful dress playing the guitar, one of her pregnant with twins, my aunts, and many of her with all her grandchildren. I also made one hell of a funeral program to commemorate her with my rad design skills, and Katelyn helped by cooking for everyone and making sure everyone got fed during this whole ordeal.

… I want to tell you a little about her

My grandmother’s name was Everline but everyone called her Evelyn.  She was born and raised in Maine and loved the outdoors, which is probably where I get the camping gene from even though I’m a super girly girl, I know weird combination. She loved fishing and camping and gardening and doing most outdoor things. One cool thing about my grandmother that not many people talk about because I guess they think it’s kind of shameful but I personally think is kinda cool is the way she met my grandfather, her husband … you see my grandma was the hot babysitter. Yup that’s right my grandma was the much younger and much hotter babysitter and ended up marrying my grandfather. He had two previous wives and 6 kids already when he married my grandmother and together they had 6 more kids, one of which was my mother Barbie … most people don’t believe my mothers name is Barbie when I tell them but it’s the absolute truth … Bev, Bonnie, Barbie, Butch, Brenda and Beckie are their 6 kids … Barbie and Butch isn’t that so funny … my mom and uncle Butch are still quite the pair and best friends to this day. My grandmother was mostly a stay at home mom, my grandfather was in the Navy and worked very hard. They lived in a farm house in Turner, Maine all their life and she loved her garden and growing all her own veggies and canning. I remember her homemade pickles and jams and she was the best baker ever. She was always extremely healthy and beautiful, never smoked or ate junk food but once and a while would have one beer by the campfire, so it was extremely shocking that she died of a stroke. My grandmother was awesome, she was always really involved with us growing up, she always traveled a lot and came to visit me when I was a kid stationed with my mom and dad in Alaska. I will miss my Grandma so much.

I know this is extremely personal and doesn’t quite go with the scope of my blog, but it’s part of my life, part of my experience and I just wanted to share with you why I have been gone all month. I just got home from Maine a couple days ago and I am happy to be home to my puppies. I have been studying my little butt off and my last final is TOMORROW WHOP WHOOP!! It’s been a very trying time but I have managed to stay on track thanks to many friends and loved ones who have been super supportive and I thank you so much. I am on track to graduate college on May 13th is my finals all go well, and so far I know I’ve done well.

Thank you guys so much for all your support love and loyalty over the last 4-5 years, If it wasn’t for you I don’t know if I would have made it through college! So thank you all so much. I will be done school and ramping up for a summer of fun and flirting on NF … I hope to talk with you all soon, Love Coco

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