it’s literally too hot! and probably my favorite to date.

honestly, how do I keep getting sexier and hotter?


worship video with humiliation & captions Captivating Hypnotic Trance Worship




Hey Guys! It’s officially spring and I wanted to come on and make a little post. I have a few things I need to share with you and also want to let you in on a few new developments and up and coming events.

Not too long ago I was in Houston Texas (for business and pleasure). It was a great trip. I got to reunite with a good friend from college (I hadn’t seen her since summer) and I also got to do some modeling and promoting work, which was really great. I did have a one terrible incident thought, MY BABY HAD A SEIZURE! My babies, Dash and Lola, just turned three on March 15th (don’t forget their birthday’s, they require gifts just like their momma) and I travel with them most of the time, and after arriving in Texas and settling in to where we were staying Dash had a seizure. He has never had any medical issues before, and then this. It was the scariest thing, we spend the night in the vet er. The doctor said it was probably a combination of stress and dehydration. He was treated for dehydration and sent home and hopefully nothing like this will happen again. I just have to be careful because they are very delicate little babies. Another crazy thing that happened was MY REAL LIFE SEX DOLL NIGHTMARE. I actually made a storytime audio about it, so you can hear all about it here if you want happened, or you can always call and ask and I will tell you all about it! It’s one crazy, kinda creepy and very disturbing story!


My Real Life Sex Doll Experience!!


Ina few days I will be in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida and I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED! I’ll be enjoying the sun and BIKE WEEK with friends and doing a little promoting and modeling as well! I’m super excited and can’t wait. Of course I have lots of prep work to do. I just got my nails done they are so beautiful and holographic and Wednesday I have a hair appointment for my beautiful blonde extensions (6 freaking hours though!) to look absolutely perfect. I have already done lots of clothes shopping, all booty shorts and monokinis and bikinis and new bikinis and more bikinis … I’m so excited!!

You may have noticed my Niteflirt page was down for a few days, that’s because the server I used went down (Booooo!) but luckily it was a relatively easy fix and HOPEFULLY I WILL HAVE NO MORE ISSUES now that I am using my own server (BIG LEAGUES!). I got the graphics all back up on Niteflirt in a few days without many issues. I do regret to say that many of the pictures on this blog also went down. I spent a little time today trying to redo the graphics for the first page or so, but I will unfortunately not be able to recreate or recover ALL the old graphics on this blog 🙁 REALLY SUX 🙁 This is not the first time I have done a blog only to have it taken down. I started my first blog around 2012-2013 and it was epic, I think it was thru blogger and had 600+ posts, but they cut me off because people kept saying my content was too naughty, so that sucked because it had some really really great content from old experiences with slaves and it would have just been a great way to go back and see my own evolution as a goddess and princess! But no use crying over spilled milk. I will make an effort to go through my past posts on here and edit the ones I still have graphics for, and I will also continue to add more posts more often, BECAUSE I KNOW HOW YOU ALL HANG ON MY EVERY WORD AND CRAVE MY ATTENTION 😉


I love you all so very much and thank you for all the support!