I can’t believe in two short weeks I’ll be in Cali! I’m super excited and nervous all at the same time. For those of you who don’t know me on a personal level, I am going to Cali for plastics. I’m having some subtle and natural beauty enhancements done. Yes, I know I am already perfect, but this has been in the works for quite a while and it’s all part of my beauty journey. I feel like we should all strive to be our best, and look our best, and I for one like looking better than the rest. I want to say an extra special thank you for all of you who have sent me prezzies and thoughtful gifts for my upcoming surgery. I’ve gotten heating pads, and a butt pillow and comfy jammies and nice things to make me feel better like tea and so many things. My heart is just so thankful to have so many caring people in my life. If you would like to send me any warm cozies I will link my wishlist below and a little list of things I still need to get. This week I will be packing and getting ready for my trip, I leave May 4th , butI will only be gone a week (so try not to miss me too much). I will be recovering in a beautiful penthouse with my private nurse before I fly home to Atlanta. I promise I will be in good competent hands, but I can always use caring thoughts. Thank you guys again for all the well wishes and be sure to keep me in your thoughts and prayers, Love Coco


  1. A BOOK TO READ WHILE I’M RECOVERING  : Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.
  2. COMFY SLIPPERS :  Jessica Simpson Plush Cozy Faux Shearling Thong Slide On Womens Slippers
  3. TRAVEL FRIENDLY PROTEIN POWDER PACKETS : Designer Protein Whey Single Serve Pack Powder, French Vanilla, 12
  4. THIS CUTE BLENDER BOTTLE : GOMOYO Motivational Quote on BlenderBottle Brand Shaker Bottle, 20oz or 28oz
  5. THIS CUTE CUP FOR TEA: YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug Lid

Thank you guys in advance, you’re so sweet. Love Coco

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For all of of my followers and fans who know about Slave Steve and have watched this wanna-be cum eater blossom into an eager cock sucking bitch in heat … here is a little call sample from the other night. You’ll have to excuse my lack of exuberance, it was 2-3 in the morning, but he had just left his gf’s house (Her name is Ann by the way and they live in Michigan, maybe you know them, idk) and he was once again disappointed and in desperate need of bbc … it was a hot call … have a listen for yourself, enjoy. Cum back soon for more Slave Steve updates, as we slowly take over his gf and make her my bitch too!

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RANT TIME, who want’s the juice

Lots of my Niteflirt guys always want the juicy details about what goes on behind the scenes, well here’s some juice for you.

OK so, rant time … There are a lot of girls on Niteflirt (fellow flirts) who follow me, and have for a while. I would have to say there are AT LEAST two new girl follows a day in my customer list. That might seem like a lot, but it’s pretty common, and for the most part I let it slide. Generally, I put them on my “flirt list” where I can contact them if I want or need to. I don’t block them, but I don’t send them my daily out-going mail either. I do this because it helps curb other flirts from using my materials. Trust me, there is no shortage of copy cats and dups on Niteflirt. But lately there has been a huge increase in flirts buying my content, and it’s so irritating. Yes, just random flirts purchase my goodies. Idk why, maybe to strait up re-sale my content as their own, or maybe to really see what’s selling, why it’s trending, and maybe get some intel on how they should make their own goodies. Idk … but I will say it’s highly annoying. Before goodies were a thing everything went out as PTV so unless they were customers they were not receiving my emails. Now ANYONE can come on my goodies and buy them and do whatever they want with my intellectual property. It’s a little annoying, but I just wanted to rant a little. I don’t think there is any real solution to this problem, I guess it’s just part of doing business on Niteflirt. But bitches need to stop trying to be me and get their own style, and stop biting off mine … no one wants to call a Coco wanna be anyways, they need to be themselves, not a diluted watered down wanna-be me.