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Leggings. Seemingly innocent active wear, or athleisure, as they are called in the fashion world. It might not be as harmless as you thought. Am I the only one who thinks it’s absolutely brilliant that men keep going to jail for sexually harassing women, all the while we walk around wearing these usually sheer, painted on pussy print pants (if you can call them pants at all). They showcase every shake, every cheeky bounce, define our cracks and crevices and hug every visible inch of a women’s body … and we don’t just wear them to the gym anymore, they are everywhere, and they are taking over.

Whatever happened to jeans? I say they are an endangered species. Why wear jeans when you can wear the new hybrid called jeggings? Jeans that form fit to your body, that’s right, leggings disguised as jeans, with one purpose only … TO MAKE YOU LOOK! How long until there are laws against looking? Don’t look, don’t speak and definitely don’t touch … feminism it’s such a lovely trap … I only have one question for you … will you survive?

I HAVE THE SOLUTION. There’s really only one way to survive the male genocide … desensitization, and your training starts now, buy it now if you want to live … the future is female.

THIS GOODY BAG INCLUDES 50+GIFs and a VIDEO 7 plus mins ONLY $5.00

themes include: legging hypno, add worship, ass hypno, sensitivity training, covert feminization, mild brain melting, rewiring your sexuality, feminism, feminism as a fetish, female domination, feminization, male genocide and MORE

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The future is female. The sexual climate of our country is changing, you’d have to be living under a rock to not notice. I personally delight is seeing the fear in a mans eyes as he comes to the stark realization that he is completely fucked. Slut is a construct created by our society in order to control a woman’s sexuality … and now we are taking that word back! We will fuck who we want, when we want, where we want and we don’t care what you think. The word husband means nothing to us, we will screw who we want, and just to prove we have no shame, we will gladly send you our selfies to prove it. It’s not cheating, it’s our right as women to fuck, and be fucked, WELL! So it’s not cheating if he’s bigger and fucks us better.

35+ Real Wife Selfies to Prove it’s not cheating if the cock is better! + 1 VIDEO Husband Humiliation Revenge Sucking & a free bonus TEXT SET
So strap on ur chastity cages, my pathetic little piggies, our pussies are ours and we will use them for our own pleasure, you are on your own, no more pussy for you sweetie.

ONLY $5.00

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