I’m backkkkk!!! From my lovely vacation. It was absolutely beautiful, even more beautiful than I imagined!  Our hotel was lovely, a beach front three room suite with a fantastic view of white sands and sunsets and a pool overlooking the ocean with waterfalls and a hot tub and drinks and best of all we charged everything to the credit card of my slave who paid for the room & believe me when I say he spared no expense on drinks, room service, cabanas and more drinks delivered by cabana boys and even tickets to the sky wheel and much much more for not only his Princess but the 5 other hotties in my blonde-tourage. A Princess always gets what she wants and she always has little minions waiting in tow to pay her way. I love my lavish Princess lifestyle. THANK YOU SLAVE RYAN … I’m still benefiting from your generosity all these months later 😉

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