Because you can call them by any other name you like, but boobs are awesome. Because boobs are simply great. Because are overwhelmingly excellent. Because everyone, of all ages, of all genders, and of all races loves boobs. Because boobs make the world a better, more wonderful place to live. Because everybody knows, boobs are the best.

Because big boobs, medium boobs, small size boobs, whatever you personal preference might be. Because boobs of all various sizes, colors, and shapes. Because of all the different boobs that exist in this big, beautiful, whole wide world of ours. Because boobs enrich our existence, add to our day, and add an undeniable extra layer of beauty to the world around us. Because why? Because boobs. That’s why.

Do you like boobs? Of course you do. If you have them, you always want more of them. If you don’t have them, then you spend a vast majority of your time trying to figure out how to get some in your life. We all want them. We all need them.

Boobs have power. The power to create and to destroy. The power to give and to take. The power to inspire and to take it away. They can be a source of joy and of grief. They are all things to all people. That is the nature of boobs, and the tremendous, awe inspiring power they have over people and their lives. Next time you are looking down at your own boobs or see a nice set of boobs coming toward you take a minute to stop and think about what was said here today so you can appreciate them as they so rightfully deserve.

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