They Cum to Me Straight, & End Up Serving Me on Their Knees  …

Ever Wonder How This Happens?!?!

I’ve created an 11 MIN AUDIO MP3 for you to find out …

HYPNO TRANSFORMATION MP3 & VIDEO – 11+min Powerful & Suggestive Princess Coco Audio Hypnosis – Transformation from Straight Man to My Cum Addicted Slut – I get so many questions on how exactly my technique works … this audio is great for beginners interested in Princess Hypnosis Mind Control & Transformation. Or perhaps this happened to you, and you’re wondering where it all started, when did I start rewiring your brain. (transformation philosophy, technique, explaination, hypno audio transformation, femdom mindplay)

HOW IT WORKS: you will listen to 11+ minutes of my hypnotic voice while you watch the porn video provided (VIDEO IS POSTED BELOW FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE) You may also listen to this voice recording with other porn for added hypno affect.

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